Planting a Low Maintenance Garden To increase Your Atlanta Properties Value


If you’re looking to up the value to your Atlanta home, planting a low-maintenance garden is an excellent way to go. It’s the best way to appeal to millennial homebuyers who don’t have time for yard work. You’ll add eye appeal and help the environment by using less water and fertilizer. It’s not as hard as it sounds, especially if you follow our tips to get started.

Get in the Zone

A good place to start is knowing what will grow in your area. Atlanta is in zones 7b and 8a according to the USDA’s hardiness zone map. When you pick plants best suited for these zones, you’re taking a solid first step.

Pick Native Plants

Set your garden up for success by choosing native plants. These plants thrive in Atlanta gardens because they’re used to our climate and soil conditions. They need less water and fertilizer, and they’re less prone to disease and pest damage.

Native perennials are a natural low-maintenance choice because you plant them once. Less work for you, and your home’s future owner will thank you when your garden blooms year after year. Good choices for Atlanta include begonias, delphinium, and phlox.

Know the Soil

The most common soil type in the Atlanta area is Georgia red clay. You’ll need to improve this wet, sticky stuff before you start planting. This usually involves adding organic material like compost. A soil test can tell you what nutrients are already there and what you need to add to promote a healthy garden.

Pick the Right Place

Plant smart by putting the right plant in the right place. Got a spot that doesn’t drain well? Plants needing more water would do well there. Use the same tactic with shady or sunny areas, and make your choices based on daily sunlight requirements. Understanding the microclimates of your yard gives you an advantage from the get-go.


Mulch is a multi-tasker that can significantly reduce your garden’s maintenance needs. A thick layer will suppress weeds, retain moisture, and protect plant roots from heat. Over time, it will also help nourish the soil. Plus, it’s pretty and adds a decorative touch to your garden beds. Wood chips, pine bark, or garden clippings will all do a beautiful job.

Go Small

Got big garden dreams? When you’re trying to make your yard a selling point, it might be a good idea to scale them back. Prospective homebuyers could be less than enthused about a large garden, even if it’s low maintenance.

Put the power of pollinators to work in your garden, and give the environment a boost at the same time. Pollinator gardens attract pollen-spreading birds, bees, and butterflies. This fertilizes plants, allowing them to bear fruit and produce new growth. These gardens are all the rage right now and can boost interest in your property.

Beyond the Garden

Low-maintenance landscaping in the rest of your yard can add to your property’s value. Reduce lawn size (and maintenance) with hardscaping, ground cover, or artificial turf. Plant evergreen shrubs surrounded by a rock garden.   

Harvest the rewards of less tending and less spending with a low-maintenance garden. You’ll save time and money, and you could set your property apart when you’re looking to sell.

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